51 questions to do when you're bored.

1. What does your dream boyfriend looks like, if it's only about the outside? Dark hair, tallen than me, dark eyes.
2. Have you kissed anyone this week? - No
3. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? - My friends
4. How tall are you? - 1.64cm
5. Which was the latest movie you saw? - The blind side
6. Write your latest recieved text message: - Private :P
7. Do you prefer to call or send text messages? - Both, but if I have to choose.. calling.
8. Are your parents married or divorced? - Married
9. When was the last time you saw your mother? - 2 minutes ago
10. Not approved in any subject in school? - No
11. Passed with particular distinction in any? - No
12. When did you wake up today?- 8.30 AM
13. Where's your favourite place? - Where my friends and family are.
14. Which place do you prefer to stay away from? - Don't know
15. Where do you think you are in 10 years? - Hopefully doing something I love and hang around people that I love.
16. How big is your bed?- Big enough.
17. What do you sleep in?- A big T-shirt.
18. How many pillows?- Two.
19. Where have you lived/live?- Same city my whole life.
20. Do you like china food? - Yes, kind of.
21. Do you like coffee?- No, hate the taste.
22. What do you prefer to drink to breakfast?- Juice or water.
23. Can you play poker?- Yes and I love it!
24. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?- Yes, one of my cousins.
25. Do you want to have kids?- In the future, yes.
26. Can you speak any other language than swedish?- Yes (english, spanish and a little little bit german)
27. Have you ever gone on an ambulance?- Yes, when I was little I think.
28. Do you prefer the ocean or the pool?- Ocean.
29. What do you prefer to put your money on? - Clothes
30. Are you cool?- Yeah!
31. Can you roll your tounge?- Yep.
32. Who's the funniest person you know? - My friends!
33. What's your ringtone?- Right now, Saltwaterroom, Owl city.
34. Do you still have some clothes from when you were a little kid?- No..
35. What is the closest thing to you that's red?- My nails ;)
36. Can you switch oil on the car?- No...
37. Which book did you read most recently?- Karriär och köksbesvär - Sophie Kinsella 
38. Who was the latest person you shared bed with?- Two of my friends
39. Do you dance in the car?- Ehh no?
40. When was the latest time you went to the church?- 5 years ago maybe?
41. How many piercings do you have in your ears?- Two.
42. Do you have any piercing?-No!
43. Do you have any tattoo?- Not that either.
44. Do you like someone right now?- Private!
45. Have you tried drugs? - No and I never will.
47. Do you have a boy/girlfirend?- No.
48. What's your number?- Won't tell.
49. What are you going to do tonight?- Hanging out with my friend, watch a movie maybe.
50. Do you have any brothers or sisters?- Yupp, a sister.
51. How much money do you have on your phone?- Enough ;)


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